Established in 1993, Shenzhen Ruizhi Patent Agency is the first civilian-run patent agency in Guangdong Province. It has been continuously developing under the leadership of Director Chen Hongyin over the years. This agency can provide clients with one-stop intellectual property legal services including patent app-lication, software registration, copyright registration, trademark consultation and registration, intellectual property litigation and arbitration, technology transfer and licensing, anti-illegitimate competition, etc., which belong to al-l-round high-quality services.
    Each agent in Ruizhi Patent Agency has rich experience in engineering pract-ice and professional background from prestigious universities. The whole team is ngaged in various technical fields including communication, computer science, semiconductor, electronics, machinery, chemical engineering, pharmacy, biology, etc. Each agent has written lots of excellent patent application documents, pat-ent invalidation announcement documents and defense invalidation announcement d-ocuments, which have been spoken highly of by Intellectual Property Offices of Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province every year and well regarded by State Inte-llectural Property Office for many times.
    With strong ability of handling foreign patent-related affairs, Ruizhi Pate-nt Agency has built good cooperative relation with patent agencies in many coun-tries, and can accurately retrieve foreign patent documents. It has successful-ly asked for the announcement of invalidation of more than ten patent rights wh-ich should not have been granted using comparative documents in English, German, French, Russian and Korean.
    We not only have outstanding professional competence but also set strict de-mands on ourselves to responsibly and conscientiously deal with each entrusted affair. For our clients, we have consistently adopted a responsible attitude to make every effort to provide high-quality efficient professional legal services at the most reasonable price.




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